Sunday, January 8, 2012

The adventure begins...

                                                  Our Scooter for the Month!
                                                      Monkeys we found on our way to the Housing Projects
                                          Meeting with the Karen Leaders!
                                              Jay with Tate and Jesse
                                           Housing for some of the boys!
                                            Some of the Boys that live in the Housing projects!
                                          Girls Dorm by their Fish pond!
                                              This is the Housing projects land where they grow all
                                            kinds of fruits and vegetables to eat! And they have 2 cows!

                                                And this is Tate, Harrisons youngest such a cutie!                     

Sa wa dee ka everyone!!!!
Sorry for the long awaited response but we are here in Hua Hin ,
Thailand and love it! We jumped right in when we got here, we
have our own scooter which is interesting to drive on the " roads"
we travel on everyday( also driving on the left side of the road!).
But jay is doing an amazing job!

We have almost figured out our
area and how to get around, Hua Hin is only 50,000 people so a nice
size city and there is just one main road throughout the town that
everything connects off of! Hua Hin is quite a tourist town for
europeans to escape their winters so we are not the only foreigners
in town!

We are living in the office space of connect3e, we are
quite set up with our own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen so that
is such a blessing!!!! We have had some amazing time getting to
know the Harrison family who have created connect3e, understanding
and seeing their passion and love for the Karen is truly amazing!

We had the opportunity yesterday to go to the housing project one,
where Karen children are coming to stay so they have the opportunity
to have an education that will create a life for them! They are coming
from remote villages where they would never have a chance of being
educated, so these homes connect has created is such a blessing to them!
They are all Karen but in school they are learning in Thai and also learn

We were also able to meet some of the Karen leaders, we were
able to understand and see how much work and passion they have to for
the connect3e projects! We got to witness first hand that connect3e's
vision is the Karen's, the Harrison family is merely empowering them
and helping the Karen attain their goals and desires for their people.
We feel incredible blessed and humbled to be apart of this journey with
the Harrison's and the Karen! We ask for prayer for the Karen and for all the leaders of Connect3e!

Blessings and talk to you all soon!!

Jayson and Erin


  1. Wow, sounds like you've been pretty busy already. Looking forward to hearing more.
    -Grace and Brad

  2. Great stuff guys! Love the pictures... looks like such a neat area. Waylon liked the picture of the monkeys. Look forward to hearing more.