Monday, December 19, 2011

What is Connect 3E ?!?

Connect 3E was created 4 years ago.  When a family of 6 saw the injustice being done to the Karen people bordering Thailand and Burma their hearts broke. 

Their Mission: 
Connect3e carries out its vision by embracing, educating & empowering. This is what makes up the "3e" aspect of our name.

Connect3e has its foundation in the truth that God created all men and women equal. We are driven by the belief that God desires all people know their creator and experience the freedom that comes from such knowledge. Connect3e believes that God is deeply concerned with the injustices in our world. Jesus gave evidence of this when he walked the earth. As followers of Jesus we have made a commitment to imitate Jesus Christ and to respond to injustice as he did. Therefore we embrace.

Connect3e believes that education is paramount in enabling people to develop as God intended. Education assists people with their ability to think, to learn and to question. It empowers them for their future. It provides people with possibilities where previously there were none. It gives people a choice. It alters the trajectory of a life. Therefore we educate

Connect3e’s deepest hope is to hear ‘we have done this ourselves’ from the people we serve. We believe that people have greatness within them. We expect that through embracing and educating we can see that greatness released. We want to provide a platform where hopes and dreams can be formulated and heard. We then aim to be an organisation that assists in these individual and collective dreams, hopes and ideas coming to fruition. Connect3e wants to see current and future generations led by their own people, in their own language and within their own culture. Therefore we empower.

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  1. I love those 3 "E"s...I believe in them wholeheartedly, and I applaud you for putting feet to those words.
    Bless you on your God Adventure.