Saturday, January 14, 2012

Falling more in love with Connect3e, the Karen people and Thailand!

Well we have had a crazy week! After our village trip on Sunday we
actually got Monday off so we took the opportunity to get a beach day
in which was a beautiful blessings and got to enjoy Thailands amazing
beach! On Tuesday we got to go with Ruth and Jordan to the local food/
clothing/ everything market for the Thai people so that was a great

We are also scootering everywhere and are really getting to know Hua Hin so that is great to have that confidence and freedom! We than got to spend some special time with the Harrison children!

Just to give you an idea of Ruth's life: she was teaching full time, a mother of 5, a wife
and is the creator of Connect3e meaning constant meetings, phone calls,
paperwork! So being able to hang out with her kids and try to make her
life a tiny bit less crazy is our goal! We than started cleaning the office
we are living in and we rented a truck to take loads over to the other

It was a pretty big job sorting and organizing donated items
and the office items. After two days we cleaned out the whole office and
moved everything over and organized at new storage! So that was a huge
blessing to help in that way!

We than left yesterday at noonish for the Village of home for students 1 (the house set up by connect 3e for karen students age 5-20) again but this time for a wedding!! We arrived in the village and got traditional Karen outfits for the wedding and went off to
a night before celebration! There was a sermon, singing, honoring leaders
including Collin and Ruth! And a play of the relationship of Samson and Leva! (god arranged marriage.. Crazy story we will tell you in person!)

It was so incredible to be involved in that all being completely immersed in
their culture, tradition, and way of life. We are truly getting the true
experience of what it means to live as a Karen or Thai, which I truly value.
The celebration did not end until 11:00 so we stayed out in the village and
Saturday morning was the wedding! Because of where we were staying we were able
to see the bride and groom get ready!

The four older Harrison children ( Zach, Jordan, Casey,Mackenzie) were part of the wedding too! So for anyone who complains that North American weddings are long, well the ceremony lasted
2 1/2 hours! It was so beautiful and full of rich tradition and culture! You
could truly see the love for each other & for God and his plan for their lives.
We all than had a huge feast together and celebrated the couple!

We got to play some volleyball with the kids this afternoon, for some reason that is a
common sport here but such a great time and fun to get to know the children! All
in all each day that passes we love this place, the people and what God is doing
here!( And cannot get enough of the amazing Thai food!) ha

But our eyes have been truly opened to God honoring mission work
that is honestly and humbling listening to the Karen. Ruth and Collin
are amazing at putting their 'white' ideas and goals aside, and really
hearing the Karen dreams for their people. And instead of taking over
they are just embracing their dreams and providing the resources they
could not get on their own. We just feel overly blessed and graced to
be here and learn from everyone involved and how God is loving and
caring for all apart of Connect3e.


  1. Wow, what an experience! That would be so cool to be there for a wedding. You guys are doing so much. Hope you continue to have an amazing time.

  2. Hey Erin and Jason, this is super encouraging to read. Praise the Lord you are serving him together in Thailand. Chris and I were strengthened being in Haiti together serving. I miss it so much, if you let God change and shape you through this experience you will come back to Canada and live differently. How long are you there for? Blessings to you both!